Finding Ease

Be Moved from Within



recipe for joy . . . digging deeper part 3

Look to where you want to go . . . Look to where you want to go. it seems self explanatory . . . Simple even. And actually, it is simple. Like many things, what is truly simple is not always easy. But here lies... Continue Reading →


How to Meditate Part 2: Sitting Still

Sitting still is hard. Really hard. Have you tried it? I have . . . I see why it's called a "practice". It has been a short while (er, 3 years . . .) since I wrote a short little piece... Continue Reading →

what does it mean to rest?

We are tired. Some say we are stressed. Others say we are too busy. . . . to busy for this . . . to busy for that . . . and certainly too busy to take a break. Others... Continue Reading →

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