A while back, I wrote a very simple post called “recipe for joy”.

This is a continuation in exploring the recipe for joy.

Go here to read part 1

Step 2 . . . paying attention . . .

In a “quiet mind” state (see part 1) we are more able to see, connect, and utilize tools, resources, and other awesomeness built in us simply because we are there to experience and notice it at the time it arrives . . .

The time is called the present moment – it’s now

When we are open with all of our senses (some might call this intuition) we are able to pay attention to the things we need when they arrive.

These are the people and tools that are available to help us succeed.

Keep in mind that the things we need do not always appear in a recognizable form or in the way we were expecting (for anyone who has read the book The Alchemist, you know what I mean).

Being open to information in this way is in no way the same as materializing or manifesting for something and waiting for it to happen . . .

Unfortunately simply wishing and believing in something won’t just make it appear no matter how hard we try . . . that’s life.

However by paying attention we are better able to see things as they are in this present moment. Information. Neither good nor bad. We with a present mind we are better able to sift through all of this information with clarity.

We are our own inertia . . . and I think that is pretty empowering and worth mentioning.