mind body centring bonnie

uncertainty and the incessant human need to know all of the answers . . .

there is an unsettled feeling of not knowing . . .

it is after all a very human quality to want to know all the answers to everything, isn’t it?

. . . just meet any curious child . . . “why is the sky blue?” “why do birds have feathers instead of fur?”

but after a time, when do these questions turn towards the worried mind of the adult . . . “is it normal to feel this way?” “am I making the right decision about my job, life, career, partner, kids . . . ?”

“why are we here?”

. . . questions we will probably never have definitive answers for . . .

but therein also lies the potential for learning something deeper . . . perhaps something unexpected.

buried in the mystery of not knowing, there lies the fertile ground in which to plant the seed of learning.

“If you already think you know something, it’s hard to know what you really do know. But it’s very easy to know what you don’t know.”

~ Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

a good reminder for me in this moment in time . . .

to simply allow myself to sit in this mystery we call life and enjoy the moments for what they are . . . and have the wisdom to sit with patience . . . to observe with open attention . . . and perhaps learn something I never expected to learn.