why are we drawn to taking risk?

why are we averse to risk?

what is our relationship to feeling safe and to feeling insecure?

humans natural draw toward risk in a risk averse society . . .

we used to live in a dangerous world.  one where our daily lives were filled with risk.  now, at least in the Western World, we live in the safest state of society yet and constantly pushing for more safety – so then, why are we so drawn to risk?

why do we feel the need to climb mountains, drive at high speeds, charge down raging rivers?

in a society where we have removed most of the risk in our lives, quite simply, we need it.

risk breaths life into our very being . . . it teaches us how to thrive, adapt, and grow in a forever and ever changing world.

we practice taking risk so that we can learn to overcome life’s seemingly small, yet grand obstacles: the things we must do if we want to move forward and live full and meaningful lives . . . and often it is those small obstacles that can hold us back.

the courage it takes for a teen ask a girl or guy out . . . our shared experience of vulnerability in wanting to be accepted and loved by our family, peers, community . . .

the courage to ask for a raise, raise a child, ask for help when you are in need of it . . .

the “leap of faith” . . .

we learn and hone our risk tolerance. we practice and develop our relationship with risk and with ourselves. we explore the inner world by being endlessly curious about our fears.

so, to say that exposure to risk is unnecessary is perhaps not the whole story. for a life without thoughtful risk taking is a life unprepared for the foibles and surprises this world has to offer us. it leaves us lacking vital tools for the adventure of life.

let’s learn with our eyes open – inward and outward.

where the magic happens