reading this quote makes me smile, as it reminds me of that delicious feeling of coming home to ones true nature however fleeting the moment . . .

a reminder that we all have a place within ourselves of deep love, compassion, and knowing . . . and what it feels to come home to it.

Once women have lost her and then found her again, they will contend to keep her for good.  Once they have regained her, they will fight and fight hard to keep her, for with her their creative lives blossom; their relationships gain meaning and depth and health; their cycles of sexuality, creativity, work, and play are re-established; they are no longer marks for the predations of others; they are entitled equally under the laws of nature to grow and to thrive.  Now their end-of-the-day fatigue comes from satisfying work and endeavours, not from being shut up in too small a mind-set, job, or relationship.  They know instinctively when things must die and when things must live; they know how to walk away, they now how to stay.

~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D.

desert sunset