There is a little girl who lives in the neighbourhood – cute as a button and always playing with all of the other neighbourhood kids . . . running around with sidewalk chalk and bikes.

Walking by, I am always fascinated by how the kids interact.  Recently I overheard this little girl kept repeating the same phrase over and over again . . . and it was bothering my for some reason . . .

could never do that . . .

She would say emphatically

What was it that made this stick with me?

And then it hit me . . .

It was a little girl’s voice speaking a very grown up thought.

As small humans, our imagination is limitless and vast.  We believe in fairies, magic, monsters, and that a big guy in a red and white suite enslaves elves to make toys for us!  There is no room for the concept of what is impossible . . . because we can be convinced that anything is possible . . .

It struck me that this little girl way saying out loud what most adults tell themselves all the time – it was the inner voice of self doubt.

Self doubt shows up in many forms, often in the form of fear.

Regardless of how we judge these thoughts we have, we need to ask ourselves – is this thought working for me, or against me?

A gentle reminder to all of us in this world that our thoughts and words leave imprints . . . let’s be conscious of the thoughts we hold and the words we say to ourselves – you never know who will be listening.

river imprints