I have recently been reflecting on paying attention and the musings of a wandering mind . . . and in turn intention.

More and more I have been paying attention to the concept of intention.

Summer days working hard outside have washed away with daily swims in the lake – a cool dip, the perfect place to reflect.

Have you ever noticed the ripples ahead of you when you are swimming?

I can’t help but notice how the simple ripple in the water from my movement while swimming represents my intention exactly.

The ripples are there whether I notice them or not – and they are always a direct result of my actions . . . actually they represent my intent . . . to act, speak, think, swim . . .

Whether consciously or unconsciously we move about in our day to day lives with intention.



unconsciously . . .

It makes me wonder . . . what happens when I am more and more conscious of my intentions?

heart ripple