Admittedly, I have been practicing yoga for 12 years.  During that time, I’ve been to many classes, workshops, retreats, and of course have done a little reading too . . .

A few weeks ago, for the first time in my yoga life while at a workshop with the lovely Sama Fabian was the first time ever I was actually confronted with the very important and real question:

“what does that actually mean”?!

By “what does that actually mean?”, I am referring to the language that we use to describe . . . well anything!

Take for example the phrase “being present” . . .

What the heck does that mean?

I mean really . . .

This and other phrases like “finding stillness”, “being in the moment”, “meditating” . . .

and don’t forget buzzwords like “innovative”, “engaged”, and “empowered”!

The real heart of the matter is that often the language that we use can be “exclusive” and often leaves us wondering what it actually means.  Having the conversation “what does this mean?” helps us better understand what we are talking about on a level field.

A recent conversation surrounding the topic of meditation revealed that so many of us judge ourselves based on our perceived concepts of these words and what they are supposed to mean that we often miss out on the benefits that things like mediation can give.

It’s ok that your brain is chattering away when you stop and listen – welcome to the human mind!

The idea is that we can stop and reflect – without the judgement – and find a little more ease in our lives.

Have you ever been confused or intimidated by a concept or “buzzword”?  Please share your experience by commenting!

Happy Wednesday!