Somehow I feel that there is a misconception of “meditation” (similar to how I feel about “doing yoga” but that’s for another day . . .).

That meditation is somehow some new-age fad or hard core religious practice . . . obviously making it a topic to avoid at dinner parties!

I have a sneaky suspicion that if we all had a few moments in our day to reflect a little, we would be able to invite a bit more ease into our lives, relationships, work, play.

So this leaves me with a question:

How to invite this “reflection time” . . . this “meditation” into our lives?

Ever have a moment when time just stands still?

Almost everyone has experienced a moment like this – a moment of stillness.

. . . maybe you were listening you your son or daughter tell you a story . . .

maybe you were mountain biking on your favorite single track trail, flowing in the moment . . . or maybe spending time with your beloved . . .

Take the time

to notice.