Funny enough, when you Google search “finding ease”, you get a lot of “zen” orientated websites and even the odd business blog . . .

So I guess that’s expected, but I actually expected to find a lot more diversity in the search.

I mean making something hard is actually very easy – just look at “hard work” for example.  We all pride ourselves in “working hard”, “playing hard”, and “going hard” . . . softness and ease?  Oh, yeah – that’s for weak people!

More and more I am finding that the more we work hard . . . the more stressed and sick we get . . .

the more we play hard . . . the more injured we get (yup, I have personally tested that theory!).

More and more I am beginning to notice that achieving this concept of “ease” is actually very very difficult!

. . . and actually really prevalent in everything that encompasses life, from work, family, to riding my bike.

alpine anemone flowers ease environment
these anemone flowers have a tough time finding ease in the harsh alpine environment they live in!